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New Year, New Data Resolutions

[fa icon='calendar'] Jan 10, 2018 4:49:12 PM / by Julian Johns
posted in Anomaly Detection, Data Analytics, Business Intelligence, Data Warehouse

The 5 questions you need to ask about your Data Strategy

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Vanity Metrics in Start Ups

[fa icon='calendar'] Aug 24, 2017 12:55:16 PM / by Ricky Thomas
posted in Metrics, Data Analytics, Start Ups, Vanity Metrics

How Vanity Metrics Are Killing Your Business

When a peacock fans its feathers, it looks like the ultimate symbol of vanity in the animal kingdom. "Look at this!" he seems to say. "You have to admit, this is some impressive plumage. Look at the colours on me!" It's hard to tell from all the strutting and showing off, but there is actually a good reason. According to Audubon magazine, it's a mating ritual used by males to get a mate.

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Rise of the Data Warehouse

[fa icon='calendar'] Aug 4, 2017 5:20:00 PM / by Ricky Thomas
posted in Data Warehouse as a Service, Data Analytics, Data Warehouse, Database

Data Growth

By 2020, the entire amount of digital data produced by everyone from your content marketing team to musicians updating their fans on Instagram will be more than 40 zettabytes, which is the same as 40 trillion gigabytes.

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